4 Emerging Game Genres in 2024

With the growing popularity of sub-genres of games from Souls-like and Rogue-like games simulations to casinos and crypto games this year, there are a lot of ways to keep yourself entertained and busy throughout the day. Here are four interesting game genres for you to challenge your skills, or simply have fun trying something new!

Online Casino

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NFT and Cryptocurrency

NFT and Cryptocurrency games are revolutionizing the gaming industry, where you can use your resources and boons in-game using blockgame technology. These games allow the users to turn their resources and materials into tradable goods like weapons, camo’s skins, and even characters to earn a profit or trade it for other assets and bring it into other games that allow NFT’s.

Souls-Like Games

Souls-like games challenge their players with their high level of difficulty rooted from the Dark Souls series known for its dark fantasy world environment, being a subgenre of action RPG’s  with companies trying to replicate the formula Dark Souls have created. Lots of souls-like games have been developed such as Sekiro, Elden Ring, Nioh, Bloodborne, and Hollow Knight.

Rogue-Like Games

Rogue-like games are Dungeon Crawler levels generated by RNG and with developed grid-based movement or turn-based combat. Classified as another sub-genre of action RPG this genre requires strategy because of the game’s randomness factor and a death results in starting all over again giving the player a challenge mentally and a challenge to the players’ skill. Games like this are Hades, Rogue, Spelunky and Dead Cells.