4 Modern Technologies in the Gaming Niche

Games have gone from pixels to full-fledged 3D worlds, complete with environments and things to do. More than that, features have been steadily becoming the norm to pull the players in and allow them to do what they like. Here are four modern technologies that are now integrated in some games.

NFT and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and NFTs are digital tokens that represent a real-world monetary value. The function may differ from one to another, but they’re usually included as a payment option in online casinos and play-to-earn models. This adds a layer of depth and excitement for players who want to do more than just play online poker, for example.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to do some heavy lifting. An NPC, or non-player character, could use AI to offer deep and varied conversations in a virtual tavern, or it could generate procedural mazes and worlds for players to explore. Moreover, AI could help render frames and help graphics cards for a smoother framerate. On a developer level, AI could be utilized to create graphics and personas using simple language.

AR and VR Headsets

Soon, we’ll be able to experience game worlds like never before. Immersion has always been a concern for gamers and developers alike, but with the advent of AR and VR headsets we’re one step closer to exploring worlds like never before. AR and VR headsets are already entering the market, and soon games will follow.

Cloud Services

The best use case example of cloud services are platforms such as GeForce Now. Streaming games to play on a device without any worries about hardware specifications is the main selling point. Imagine being able to play the latest AAA games on any device you own without paying extra. As this model becomes more profitable, gamers will be spoiled for more.