5 Pro Tips to Choose the Best Flight Instructor School

Flight Instructor School

So, you have decided to give wings to your career, great!

Now, the first question that might be striking the doors of your mind is- Where to begin your journey? What training school should you choose?

A fantastic method to break into the aviation profession is by becoming a flight instructor. You may not only improve your professional skills but it may help you network with other pilots that might benefit you in your career advancement.

Even though all flight instructors are certified, they will have different teaching techniques. So how do you pick the best flight school for you?

Here are the factors to consider before choosing the right school for your professional CFI training course.

  1. Prioritize Student Reviews

Before choosing your training course, don’t forget to read flight school reviews. It is no arguing with the fact that most flight schools have dedicated social media handles where you can go through the client’s reviews. Also, you can check Google reviews to get in-depth information about the flight. Some of the popular review sites are Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, and online forums to know more about the student’s experiences with flight instructors and schools. Although the experience of a person may differ, reviews can give you great knowledge about the training quality of the school.

  1. Quality Always Beats Price

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to choose a cheap flight school to become an instructor. There are chances that you may not get the best training that you have always dreamed of. There is no denying that price plays an important role but you don’t have to go with a low-priced school. It’s all about quality. Make sure you choose a dedicated training school that offers you expert flight training without breaking your budget. Make sure you don’t just blindly follow what the owner of the training school says. Do your research and make your choice not solely based on price.

  1. Check the Available Payment Modes

It is one of the most important aspects that you should consider before choosing a flight training school to become an instructor. If a flight school is asking for complete advance payment, make sure you avoid such institutions. You need to go through the facilities available in the school to check the operations, number of aircraft, qualifications of the flight instructors, and quality of the tools and equipment. Also, you need to figure out the payment options offered by the training school. Ensure you make the payment online, so you may have proof or a receipt. If the school asks for cash payment, don’t forget to ask for a slip or a receipt.

  1. Consider Your Timeline

It is something that you cannot overlook before you join your training school. When you are doing anything and have enough time, it is wise to join a school and attend classes as much. If you are already engaged in full-time employment, then it might become difficult for you to attend regular classes. If you, however, cannot miss your regular job, then it’s advised to attend one or two classes a week or whenever you get free. Make sure you choose a training school that has enough available batches.

  1. Check if They’re Ready to Show their Facilities

Don’t feel hesitant to ask the flight school if you can visit the school and talk to an instructor and see the aircraft. If the training school is genuine, then they would be happy to introduce you to their academy. However, make sure you inform them in advance to avoid any kind of delay or miscommunication. On the contrary, if the school is not comfortable showing you the facilities, don’t choose it.


You should select a flight school that will assist you in achieving all of your career goals. Considering these tips will help you make a lucrative investment.