Turkish Business Women Association (TIKAD) organized “Women Leading the World

On 20th September 2023, the Turkish Business Women Association (TIKAD) organized “Women Leading the World” in New York during UN Week. 

TIKAD is a non-governmental organization. First Lady of Turkiye, Mrs Emine Erdogen was the guest of honour at the event. The event started with Mrs. Nilufer Bulut, President of TIKAD’s welcome address.

She shared how TIKAD felt that it was its responsibility to organize this event where women from across the world come together to share the spirit of hope and solidarity. This time around, art and music were chosen as the mediums to express women’s needs and requirements of peace and equality to world leaders who were present in New York for the 78th UN General Assembly.

During the event, Mrs Emine Erdogen, First Lady of Turkiye also addressed the women who were present at the event. She addressed the value of such an event, as it talks about women on every platform and how they can be role models to the coming generations. During the address, she emphasised the role that women have played in the development and civilization. As sustainable development is becoming the goal, women should not be looked upon as mere helpers but as active contributors to economic development.

Mrs. Emine Erdogen shared her wish that women’s achievements should be celebrated by all. The work done by the women is inspirational and draws from the country’s traditions. It is essential to celebrate the success stories, which range from the right to vote to female Prime Ministers.

In 2004, TIKAD was established to contribute to the social and economic development of Turkiye. Its mission is to reveal the modern face of Turkey to the world bring forth the women leaders in various fields, and strengthen their presence in the business world. This will allow women to increase their influence in public opinion and government, allowing them to take part in the democratization process of Turkey.